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The Jacket - Old matador Jacket Poster



30x40 cm
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The Jacket - Old matador Jacket Poster

A beautiful photographic poster with earthy and powerful colours of a classic matador jacket. The matador jacket is over a hundred years old, yet it still has the fiery red colour, creating a nice contrast with the grey background. This poster is part of the new Love Warrior collection: RE: Nuance. This new collection consists of prints selected from their previous collections, which were firmly redesigned into autumnal and earthy colours. A great interior design tip is to combine the poster with our other porster from the same collection to create a stunning harmonious gallery wall.

200 g / m² papel prémium
con acabado mate.
Marcos de la más alta calidad
con cristal acrílico transparente.
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Love Warriors

Love Warriors was founded by Per Sandahl together with Yvonne Arentoft in 2013. Since then, they have both been warring for the creation of art and decor inspired by love. Their bohemian-chic brand was originally created by the couple because they wanted to spend more time together as they worked apart quite often. They have a shared passion of creating new things, which started through renovating their own house, but grew into the Love Warriors project, in which they focus on preserving photographic art. The underlaying idea was to look at the beauty of things that are often forgotten. They look for treasures and hidden gems in all corners of the world, from wooded forests to demolition sites. As soon as the subject has been decided, great emphasis is placed on doing everything to get the message across in the picture, and to capture the unique story behind it as well as possible so the viewer remembers the inspiring image they saw. More individuals have joined since the start and they have become a whole tribe of Warriors who travel the world to capture the beautiful, often forgotten, in picture and through other art.

Love Warriors

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